Granulated feed for laying birds

The food is intended for the consumer who wants to obtain a large quantity of eggs. Combined feed of this brand combines the best qualitiesan excellent set of ingredients and a consumer-friendly price.

Ingredients:Corn, groats, grain, bran, calcium, salt, premix.


Corn 60
Groats 15
Grain 19
Bran 5
Calcium 1
Salt 0,3
Premix 2

Packaging type:

Emblem packaging

We produce packaging with the Ecogran logo because falsification of products is an intentional act of decreasing quality and intended for sale.

The meaning of the falsification concept can be better outlined if account is taken of the main possible forgeries which, in the case of foodstuffs, can be summarized as follows:

- removing one or more natural components;

- changing the normal proportion of specific chemical components;

- the introduction into the product of non-specific substances, nor of its nature;

- substitution of natural components with synthetic or artificial components, not sanitary;

- marketing a product replacement as a natural product;

- the product is completely falsified, being obtained by associating chemical components similar to those from which the natural product is obtained;




Quantity 25 kg

Produced animal feed for the first time in Moldova. The company was established as a wholly owned private company operating in its own production and storage areas.

Our products are natural, contain no dyes and preservatives, it is not a caprice, but it is a priority that our animal is healthy and balanced fed.


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