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Currently Ecogran provides the full production cycle, including all the complex of stages from grain processing to the production of unique compound feed and concentrates, packaging and shipping of the product. For implementation of this project we have combined experience of leading specialists in the feed industry and knowledge of the realities of domestic livestock production, as well as advanced European and world technologies for the production of high-quality, effective, balanced.

Why Ecogran?

The advantages of growing rabbits with granular feed are numerous, including:

- It increases the digestibility of the food and thus the degree of food utilization also increases;

- Rabbits are no longer given the opportunity to choose which feed to eat, so you can feed them with a complete ration of nutrition at each feeding;

- Due to the extremely high temperature in the granulation process carried out by the rabbit feed granulator, the sanitary condition of the feed is improved and thus some respiratory diseases are prevented;

- If fed in this way, young rabbits can seize 1 kg of weight gain every 2.5 - 3.5 kg of granulated fodder they consume.

We are experts in what we do

Ecogran offers you a wide range of granules, according to an individual technology that we have been practicing in Moldova for 5 years in order to obtain a desired result in animal and bird breeding due to the nutrition of Ecogran.

Granules for rabbits

Granules for birds № 2

Granules for birds № 1

Other products

Produced animal feed for the first time in Moldova. The company was established as a wholly owned private company operating in its own production and storage areas.

Our products are natural, contain no dyes and preservatives, it is not a caprice, but it is a priority that our animal is healthy and balanced fed.


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